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04 August 2012 @ 01:23 pm
Prince Luciano (LuRe Big Bang 2011 Masterpost)  
Title: Prince Luciano (LuRe Big Bang 2011)
Author: alissablue & slayerkitty
Rating: PG-13 to NC-17
Characters/Pairings: Luke/Reid, Noah, Damian, Casey, Bob,
Category: AU, fluff/schmoop, angst,
Chapters: 10, including the epilogue.
Word count: 27,368 
Summary: Luciano Eduardo Grimaldi is the future king of Malta. In defiance of Damian's wishes, he remains close to his family and Oakdale, going as far as to create the Neurology wing for the hospital, and even blackmailing one Dr. Reid Oliver into running it. Reid is prepared to hate everything about Oakdale in his anger about being blackmailed, including Luciano...except as it turns out, they already know each other..
Warnings: Angst
Disclaimer: We don’t own the characters, we just enjoy playing with them.
Authors’ note: Special thanks to Carol for being our beta and csigeekfan for the very pretty artwork! Assume that Malta is a monarchy and that everything that happens to Reid in early 2011 is still canon, minus the blind!Noah part and the Judd lawsuit. And, being the talented young heir that he is, Luke speaks both Italian and Maltese and is a master at code switching between the two. 

        PDF: Prince Luciano (Please let me know if it doesn't work) 

               I: http://alissablue.livejournal.com/17223.html

              II: http://alissablue.livejournal.com/17523.html

             III: http://alissablue.livejournal.com/17866.html

             IV: http://alissablue.livejournal.com/18020.html

              V: http://alissablue.livejournal.com/18201.html

             VI: http://alissablue.livejournal.com/18508.html

            VII: http://alissablue.livejournal.com/18763.html

           VIII: http://alissablue.livejournal.com/19188.html

             IX: http://alissablue.livejournal.com/19421.html

   Epilogue: http://alissablue.livejournal.com/19823.html